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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dorion OPP ResignsOPP officer resigns before police hearing

A Dorion OPP officer charged with production and possession of a controlled substance has resigned from her position as a provincial constable.

Lynn MacKay, 50, was charged in October 2007, after marijuana plants were found in the Dorion-area home that she shared with her common-law husband. The criminal charges against MacKay were withdrawn in February 2009 when her partner pleaded guilty in criminal court.

A Police Hearing Act was scheduled for Monday for a charge of discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act, in connection with the incident. But OPP spokesperson Shelley Garr said that hearing was cancelled when MacKay submitted her resignation from the force.

MacKay became an OPP officer in 1993. She spent the majority of her career in London, Ont., before joining the Nipigon OPP in 2006.

She had been suspended with pay since the charges were laid in October 2007.

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"Damn Street Racer"pays with Brusies