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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Officer beat frail suspect, court told

Source: National Post
Shannon Kari, National Post Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Toronto police officer beat a frail 50-year-old suspect in custody and broke his arm, the Crown alleged yesterday in its opening statement at an unusual retrial. Sergeant Chris Higgins is again facing trial in provincial court on a charge of assault causing bodily harm relating to an alleged incident on April 1, 2004, inside a downtown Toronto police station. Sgt. Higgins is accused of beating Gary Shuparski in a police interview room after the 125-pound drug addict responded sarcastically to a question. The evidence of Mr. Shuparski from the first trial will be used again in the retrial because he has since died, for reasons unrelated to the April 2004, incident. A provincial court judge acquitted Sgt. Higgins in 2005. The acquittal was overturned by a higher court and a retrial ordered.

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They had No Choice!
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"Damn Street Racer"pays with Brusies